Unless a change in the rules can be swiftly concluded, Monaco residents will not be allowed to travel more than 30 kilometres into France without “an imperative reason” and a recent negative coronavirus test result.

This follows a tightening of France’s border controls that cover both non-EU and EU citizens.

On Wednesday, Monaco’s Council of Ministers met to discuss the next steps to take to convince the French authorities to make an exception for Monaco residents.

Meanwhile, with France’s two-week winter school breaks fast approaching – the first regions to go on holiday will embrace the opportunity from this Friday, February 5 – President Macron has warned the populace to always remember that the country remains in the midst of a major pandemic.

The President’s warnings will be reinforced by the fact that bars and restaurants stay shuttered in France, and the nightly curfew starts at 18:00. The hope is that the family-centred break will remain so.

The French remain free to travel beyond their own regions for the foreseeable future, thanks to the surprise decision announced by Prime Minister Castex at the end of last week that there will be no new lockdown – at least for now.

ORIGINAL SOURCES: Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Monaco Government Press Service PHOTO: Wednesday’s meeting of Monaco’s Council of Ministers, chaired by Minister of State Pierre Dartout Monaco Government Press Service