The French authorities have installed three new radar traps in Beausoleil and three in Roquebrune, each of them on the top of masts to dissuade saboteurs.

Operating using new technology, most of them have already started flashing, according to the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture.

Apparently the aim is to encourage drivers to slow down on the RD 6007, which is particularly accident-prone, according to the prefecture.

In Roquebrune, the avenue Kennedy and the avenue Verdun have new speed cameras, as does the avenue Notre Dame de Bon Voyage, and the mayor would like to see more.

In Beausoleil, the director of the municipal police said that the radars were needed in order to reduce the number of accidents, which often include two-wheelers.

Reportedly, Cap d’Ail is also eager to install new radar machines, a move that would fully encircle the Principality.

Meanwhile, since Brexit, drivers of UK-registered vehicles will no longer automatically incur a fine if caught by a speed camera, but will have to pay if stopped by police wielding hand-held equipment.

FILE PHOTO: The new generation speed cameras in operation on an open road AFP