In October 2020, NEWS.MC was excited to report that former Formula 1 World Champion Niko Rosberg was making a return to racing through his newly formed Rosberg Xtreme Racing team. Since his departure from the pinnacle of motorsport in 2016, Rosberg has turned his attention to the promotion of ecological sustainability, and in June 2020 became the brand ambassador for Sunreef Yachts’ ECO catamaran range.

As the inaugural season of the electric off-road Extreme E racing series dawns, the announcement from Sunreef Yachts’ Founder and President Francis Lapp that the shipyard is partnering with Rosberg’s Xtreme Racing team does not come as a suprise. After all, who better to partner with than motorsport’s very own break-out champion of sustainable solutions.

“We are more than excited about this partnership as it takes our sustainability action to a new dimension,” Lapp said before adding: “I believe the Sunreef Yachts Eco philosophy can cross oceans and continents and being a partner of the Rosberg Xtreme Racing gives us a unique chance to focus the world’s attention on pressing environmental issues.”

The inaugural Extreme E season will be raced in a refreshingly different set of locations

Speaking on the championship, Rosberg said “The series represents an amazing opportunity to not only drive awareness but also inspire action in the fight against climate change – the single biggest threat to our planet today.” In that same spirit, the RXR team had previously announced a collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

Rosberg isn’t the only Formula 1 veteran to take on the electric challenge, as old rival and current World Champion Lewis Hamilton is entering his own ‘X44′ team, while Lewis’ fellow Brit Jenson Button will take the helm and the wheel of his very own ‘JBXE’ team.

For the first race on the Championship calendar, Extreme E will head to Saudi Arabia to race from April 3 to April 4. The Middle Eastern country is the home of the world’s largest continuous sand desert. To discover more about Extreme E racing, click here for the official website.

Featured image: Sunreef Yachts’ ECO 80 catamaran incorporates an extensive use of solar panels to support sustainable yachting