A twelfth resident has died after testing positive for coronavirus, the Government said on Friday evening. The patient was 62 years old and the youngest victim to date.

This was the third consecutive day when a death was announced during this week.

It is important to view the figures in the context of co-morbidities and underlying conditions which in some cases have contributed to fatalities.

Twenty-seven new cases were identified over the latest 24-hour period, and 27 full recoveries.

The number of residents being treated for coronavirus at Princess Grace Hospital has risen to 38.

One hundred and forty-one residents suffering from mild symptoms are recovering at home under the supervision of the Home Monitoring Centre.

Meanwhile, in the UK 29,079 new cases were announced on Friday evening. However, at 19:58 Monaco time the number of new deaths had not been made public. In France the figures were 22,858 new cases and 510 new deaths.

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