The United Nations General Assembly adopted at its 75th session a resolution by consensus that considers “Sport: a global accelerator of peace and sustainable development,” a resolution that the State of Qatar and the Principality of Monaco presented in their capacity as co-Chairs of the Group of Friends of Sport for Sustainable Development, web news site reported.

The resolution was adopted by 95 countries. The General Assembly reaffirmed that sport is an important factor in achieving sustainable development. It recognises the growing contribution that sport is making to achieving development and peace, given its role in promoting tolerance and respect and its contribution to empowering women, youth, individuals and communities and achieving the desired goals in the areas of physical and mental health, education and social integration.

The General Assembly encouraged the Member States to include sport and physical activity in their post-COVID-19 recovery plans, integrate sport and physical activity into national sustainable development strategies and make effective use of all opportunities and values offered by sport in implementing the 2030 Agenda. And in order to implement the sustainable development goals, the United Nations system is encouraged to support Member States in these efforts.  

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service PHOTO: The UN General Assembly