Monaco’s press corps turned out in force on Wednesday to hear about and taste the glazed chestnuts of Agrimontana, the specialist producer of this very special Italian delicacy.

Enrico Bardini, president of Agrimontana International, told attentive journalists that the occasion marked the 30th anniversary of the company’s foundation in Monaco.

“This is the first time that we are holding this event in Monte-Carlo and we hope to repeat it in the future,” Mr Bardini said.

“We have chosen to celebrate our ‘Monegasque’ anniversary with the collaboration of Cova Monte Carlo, the Monegasque subsidiary of the historic Cova pastry shop in Milan, a long-time client. Indeed, it is thanks to the know-how of the pastry chef in Monaco, Gianluca Guinzoni, and of Edoardo Gadda, chef executive pastry chef of Cova Milano, that we can continue this path started this year in Italy, with an initiative ‘the Greatest Italian Tasting of Chestnuts.’

“Eighty pastry shops have joined us in this campaign thanks to the participation of the best master confectioners in Italy. In addition, the close collaboration with the most renowned Italian pastry chefs has enabled us to offer lovers of candied chestnuts different interpretations of the material worked according to their creativity and experience.”

Azienda Agrimontana was founded in 1972 in Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cunéo) in Piedmont, Italy, and quickly became the leader in the confection of chestnuts and fruits in Italy as well as in the production of jams. The primary reason for its success is that Agrimontana has always used only natural ingredients, without colourings, preservatives, or artificial flavours.”

Cova Monte-Carlo is hosting a gastronomic and gourmet evening on Thursday, November 26, when the unmissable Mont Blanc dessert will be joined by Glacé Chestnuts and other surprise delicacies, prepared according to the inspiration of the Pastry Chef. “The basic ingredients of these pastry products are always supplied by Agrimontana,” Mr Bardini said.

PHOTO: Gianluca Guinzoni and Enrico Bardini