Monaco’s coronavirus case figures for the three days from Friday through Sunday were very encouraging, in sharp contrast to the previous weekend. There were eight new cases among residents on Friday, five on Saturday, and just three on Sunday.

Of ten residents in the Princess Grace Hospital three were in intensive care on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, 18 residents were declared fully-recovered on Friday, 20 on Saturday and four on Sunday, reducing the number with mild symptoms recovering at home to 66, down from more than 100 at the start of the week.

In France on Sunday, 27,228 new cases were reported, and 302 deaths, down from 354 on Saturday.

In the UK, 24,962 new cases were reported on Sunday, and 168 new deaths, down from 462 on Saturday.

However, the situation in Italy is failing to show a downward trend, with 546 deaths on Sunday and 544 on Saturday. The worst-hit areas are centred on Milan and Naples.