A 50 year-old Dutch citizen, resident in Monaco, broke this year’s lockdown on two consecutive days, Monaco Criminal Court heard last week and local French daily Monaco Matin reported.

The incidents took place on April 11 and 12, when Monaco, like France, was in daily lockdown.

On the first occasion the lady was told that she could not exercise out of doors and was advised to go home, to which she responded by swearing, the court was told.

On the following day the same individual was seen walking along ave. Princesse Grace and was issued with a fine. However, instead of accepting her fate and agreeing to pay the fine, she shredded the ticket.

The defendant was absent from the court, which was told that she had also torn up a police ticket in July, 2018.

The prosecuting lawyer said that he was upset at the defendant’s absence from the court, and called for a 2,000-euro fine. He added ominously that he wondered if she will be living in Monaco for much longer.

She was fined 1,500 euros and ordered to pay 300 euros to each of the four police officers she insulted.