The evening of Sunday, October 11, saw a highly-intoxicated caretaker attempt to take to the road in a failed bid to restock her supply of wine. The 42 year-old woman was spotted crashing her car into another vehicle before giving a nearby parking lot wall the same treatment. A Le Méridien parking attendant was on hand to see the drama before he alerted the Monegasque Police who were then able to intercept the caretaker at the carpark entrance. It was reported that the questioning process was made longer as a result of the woman being blatantly intoxicated.

When questioned on the stand, the defendant said; “I’m depressed. So I drank two bottles of white wine and took my car to buy two more at the supermarket. Sick for five years, I was able to last a long time without drinking a single drop of alcohol. But last weekend I broke down. It was stronger than me… I admit the facts. I’m afraid of losing my job if you put me in jail…”

However, this is not the first alcohol induced incident involving the same person, a fact which was put forward by the magistrate who recalled a three month suspended license alongside 18 months of medical monitoring issued on July 28, 2020. First substitute Cyrielle Colle described the defendant as being “a danger to society” adding that “I dare not think of the tragedy if Madame had continued her journey.”

The court ruled two months in jail for drunk driving and a suspended fine of 500 euros alongside an additional fine of 45 euros for other offences.