Aston Martin are back at it again with another James Bond special, or two in this case. The two cars chosen to carry the Bond torch are none other than the mighty DBS Superleggera and the more spritey Vantage. The occasion being the launch of the latest Bond flick, ‘No Time To Die’. Due to premier earlier this fateful year, the 25th installation has been pushed back. Thanks, coronavirus.

In the meantime why not inspect Q’s latest gadgets starting with the brawnier of the two, the DBS Superleggera. The model already boasts the highest torque figure of any road-going Aston ever, as a result of that sizeable 5.2 litre, V12 engine capable of creating 715 horses. In the 007 edition you see no increase in power, although you don’t need it, but you will notice a whole lot of work inside and outside the body. Just take a look for yourself:

The ‘super-light’ DBS is donned in a ‘Ceramic Gray’ paint job with many carbon fibre trimmings providing a tasteful accent. 007 badges feature throughout the machine, which sits on 21-inch diamond-turned wheels. The interior is subtle, making it perfectly suitable for the world’s most stylish spy. With a price tag of £279,025 this movie machine isn’t the cheapest, but why should it be? Especially when exclusivity is taken into account. Only 25 models will ever exist.

On to the little brother of the pair, the Vantage. The less serious sibling was a perfect opportunity for Aston to be wilder with its Bond homage. As you can see in the gallery below, this model is also grey. However, yellow accent lines and an equally yellow diffuser add a splash of sportiness. In keeping with this sportiness, there is an option for a pair of yellow skis and a matching ski rack and weirdly enough, they don’t look out of place on the baby Aston. 

The 007 Vantage takes inspiration from its silverscreen star predecessor, the V8 Vantage that featured in the 1987 film ‘The Living Daylights’. Again, darkness dominates the interior of this model but this allows for a series of references without cluttering the cockpit, among the most noticeable of which is the laser etched dash featuring various gadgets from a number of Bond films. Unlike its big brother, the special Vantage will ‘only’ set you back £161,000 for any one of the 100 cars available.

Aston’s creative boss, Marek Reichman, stated that “It is an honour to apply carefully judged 007-inspired styling to our sports cars, which gives our customers the opportunity to own a unique piece of both cinematic and automotive history.” And what lucky customers they are.