With two new expedition ships on the stocks in Helsinki, Swan Hellenic has chosen Monaco for its new headquarters.

Andrea Zito, Swan Hellenic CEO, told the cruise industry press: “I am proud to announce the rebirth of Swan Hellenic a pioneering iconic travel brand with the mission to be the leader in cultural expedition cruising.

“The new Swan Hellenic retains its British heritage whilst being international in outlook.

“Aimed at the traveller who wishes to explore, experience and enrich the infinite beauty of the world and its inhabitants in a safe and sustainable way”.

The brand was bought from G Adventures, which bought the rights to the name when the company declared bankruptcy three years ago. According to its website, the company will embrace green credentials as far as possible.

Each ship will accommodate 152 guests, with a crew of 120. The first vessel will set sail for Antarctica in November next year, with the second due for delivery in April 2022. The company will also have offices in the UK and Germany.