A British-registered Bentley, appropriately a GT Speed, was flashed at 253 kph heading towards Italy on the A8 in the Var on Saturday night, setting the record for the weekend. The car is capable of 331 kph.

On the same evening two Maseratis were involved in accidents on the A8 involving other vehicles, the local traffic police said. Other delinquents were driving a Mercedes M1 and a Mini Cooper. No injuries were reported.

The end of lockdown has seen more incidents of high-speed driving. Many of the cars are not registered in France and many others that break the speed limit by large margins are rented by locals, the police said.

While not all foreign licence plates are currently recognised by the speed cameras, those exceeding the limit by more than 60 kph risk having their speed machines confiscated.

PHOTO: A Bentley Speed 6 Bentley