The boffins at Aston Martin have just completed the first of only 25 Db5 Goldfinger continuation models, the first to be built in over 50 years. So what’s so special about this reincarnation? Well that’s the £2.75 million (plus taxes) question.

The most obvious talking point is all those different gadgets. Aston Martin have collaborated with Bond filmmaker EON productions to bring the screen magic of the famous car to life. The lucky owners will be able to live out their Bond fantasies with rotating number plates, battering rams, bullet shields and for the counter attack a pair of machine guns. That’s not all, as you can see in the gallery below:

The movie magic continues to the interior of the machine which features a hidden radar and numerous secret switches to activate all those gadgets. Oh, if only we had £2.75 million lying around the office.

Just 25 cars will be built to mark the release of James Bond’s 25th outing in the latest film; ‘No Time to Die’. This somewhat justifies the enormous price tag. More than 4,500 hours went into construction as each car received original body panels and the period-correct beauty of a 4.0l naturally aspirated six cylinder engine. Perfect set-up for a speedy getaway, presumably from the bad guys.

There is a drawback though. These continuation models are not and cannot be road legal due to the host of gadgets on board but mostly as a result of the rotating licence plate. 

All 25 cars are reportedly spoken for while customer deliveries will begin in the second half of 2020, just in time for the Christmas holidays then for some lucky collectors.