A total of 90,000 tests for coronavirus will be carried out by the Government, starting on May 18. Residents will be the first to be tested, followed by employees in Monaco.

The test is free and voluntary, and consists of a simple blood test by pricking the finger. The results will be known within 10 or 12 minutes and will be made available immediately.

The test is designed to define the immune status of a person, whether he is immune to the virus, even if he has not shown any symptoms. If the result is positive, the individual will be invited to have a blood test to confirm the result. This will be sent to a lab for analysis and the results of this second test will be communicated after one or two days.

If this confirms the first result, a PCR test can be undertaken to detect if a person is currently infected. Deep nasal cells are removed using a swab that is inserted into the nasal cavities, up to about 15 cm (six inches). It takes three to six hours to analyse a sample and the results will be communicated after one or two days.
Two sites will be used for the blood tests, the Grimaldi Forum and Espace Léo Ferré. There is no point in going there if it is not the day of your invitation and residents will be informed by letter.

PHOTO: The pinprick blood test Monaco Government