Monaco’s Minister of State and the Prince’s chief of staff held a situation meeting on the morning of Sunday, March 8, to take stock of the progress of the coronavirus epidemic. It was confirmed that further tests on Friday and Saturday had all turned out to be negative, meaning that so far in the Principality only one person has test positive for the virus, on Friday, February 28.

Meanwhile, the Italian authorities have effectively quarantined a quarter of the country’s population in a zone centred on Milan but extending as far east as Venice.

Italy has confirmed an additional 133 people have died after contracting the virus over the last 24 hours, bringing the overall total to 366, while confirmed cases have jumped from 5,883 to 7,375. France has confirmed 1,126 cases, while the death toll in the country has risen to 19. In the UK the number of cases jumped to 273 from Saturday to Sunday.

In China, where the virus first took hold, life is getting back to normal in most parts of the country, with schools and factories reopening.

PHOTO: Minister of State Serge Telle