Major work at Larvotto starts on Tuesday, October 1, with the installation of acoustic barriers which will delimit the site. In the following fifteen days, the shops and restaurants will be closed for the building work to start.

The complete renovation of the site is intended to better protect the beach with breakwaters installed between the existing dikes, while at the same time providing commercial spaces that can operate all year long. Public spaces will also be expanded.

The project will incorporate environmental objectives, with low consumption of power for public lighting, installation of electric charging stations for bicycles, optimisation of water management, intelligent waste management, a photovoltaic pergola, and a thermic loop to supply heating and cooling for the entire neighbourhood.

The beach will reopen to the public by the end of this October, following the erection of the fences. Work will end in January 2022 with the reopening of shops and restaurants.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service PHOTO: Artist’s impression of the finished project