The German International Club of Monaco (CAI),  joined Ms Caron-Dagioni, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning in the inauguration of a commemorative plaque in front of the Grimaldi Forum documenting the donation of eleven trees of Australian origin

The exotic trees with a special silhouette, marked the 50-year Jubilee of the German International Club and were offered by one of its members, Mrs Wilma Lämmle. These Brachychiton or bottle trees were chosen with care, because they are able to manage their need for water in their trunk, do not have deep roots and are therefore particularly adapted to the climate of the Principality and the challenges of climate change.

Patrick Wetzel, Co-President of the CAI, spoke of the origin of the project and explained that it had not been easy to find out how to make a donation of this kind. He also thanked Ms Caron-Dagioni and her teams for their support. Mrs. Lämmle explained her motivation for making a “green and sustainable” donation, also in memory of her husband, Eugen Lämmle.

Ms. Caron-Diagoni said that the donation supports a priority of her Department today, namely the “re-naturation” of the Principality, and that similar projects will be launched, perhaps with the support of residents and associations, in the very near future.

PHOTO: Delegation of the German International Club with Ms Céline Caron-Dagioni.. At her side, Patrick Wetzel, Co-President of the CAI and Ms. Wilma Lämmle, Donor (centre). Ed Wright Images