A Lamborghini Urus driver was caught traveling at 264 km/h on the A8 motorway in a high-speed crackdown, over twice the speed limit. The incident occurred during a heightened enforcement operation by gendarmes, following a particularly tragic month with eight road fatalities in June alone.

The gendarmes had just set up when the Lamborghini Urus, registered in Switzerland, appeared in the viewfinder of the Nice motorway squadren. Clocking in at almost the maximum speed it was capable of reaching, the car was intercepted at the Saint-Isidore toll gate.

The driver, who is not from the European Union and lacks an international licence, is being prosecuted for driving without a licence, and was required to pay a pre-judgment deposit of 4,500 euros. His driving licence was immediately revoked, and the car was subsequently impounded on site.