Danish audio house Bang & Olufsen have proudly announced the arrival of Charles Leclerc as the brand’s new ambassador. 

The Principality’s own Formula 1 star and the latest Monaco Grand Prix winner is best known for his driving talent, which has taken Leclerc to the pinnacle of motorsport. However, the Monegasque’s talents extend beyond the track and into the realm of music, with a particular passion for playing the piano.

A composer and recorder of his own music, Leclerc released an EP composed of four tracks in collaboration with the French artist Sofiane Pamar earlier in the year. Leclerc’s music can be listened to on his Spotify profile here.

Leclerc likened racing and recording, saying that “my professional life is all about precision and performance, and sound plays a big part in that. The cars I drive are marvels of engineering, and the sounds they produce tell me down to the second what decisions I need to make. This intense focus on sound has trained my ear to listen differently, so sound quality now plays a key role in my life. When I listen to music, I look for clarity and balance in the chords, both of which reveal the music in a new light and bring me closer to the artist.”

Speaking about becoming a Bang & Olufsen ambassador, Leclerc said “I have been a Bang & Olufsen fan for many years, using the brand’s products on a daily basis. The clarity and warmth of the sound helps me disconnect from the racing world and  connect with the artist. That’s why this partnership feels so right.”

Bang & Olufsen CEO Kristian Teär commented “we are delighted to welcome Charles to our brand. We  share a taste for performance and craftsmanship and have a  common passion for musical experiences that bring us closer to the artists we love. We couldn’t imagine a better  partner to allow us to evolve and create a community around the beauty of sound.”

The brand announced an the launch of an upcoming limited edition product, which will celebrate this collaboration of speed and sound.