A unanimous decision of the European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Monaco’s justice system and investigating judge Edouard Levrault in the long-running legal battle between the billionaire Resident and his lawyer, Me Tetiana Bersheda, on one hand, and the Monegasque judicial system on the other.

The win centres on a ‘disproportionate’ invasion of privacy in the handling of Me Bersheda’s telephone and written records in the case being pursued against her and Mr Rybolovlev between 2016 and 2019.

The court’s ruling, delivered on June 6, was strongly worded in condemning the over-reach by the Monegasque authorities and Judge Levrault in particular.

The original legal battle was between Mr Rybolovlev and art dealer Yves Bouvier, who stood amused of charging exorbitant and hidden margins as he amassed an art collection for the billionaire. After a string of legal battles between the two men over eight years, the dispute was eventually settled out of court.

PHOTO: Dmitri Rybolovlev Reuters