With the highly anticipated Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix just around the corner, those hoping to enjoy the spectacle as close to the action as possible should look no further than TicketGrandPrix.com.

Prime trackside viewing is possible at one of TicketGrandPrix.com’s lounges, without any sacrifice in premium hospitality throughout. The Velocity Lounge replaces Steak ‘n Shake, making for comfortable spectating of arguably the most hectic corner on the entire circuit, with a view from the start and finish line all the way around Saint Devote and up the hill to Monte-Carlo. Meanwhile, the Pole Position Lounge sits right on the edge of the track with a close-up view of the chequered line.

VIP hospitality packages are also offered, be it in the Exclusive Elite Lounge Michelin-starred restaurant Rampoldi Monte-Carlo in the heart of Monte-Carlo’s Golden Square, or the Monte-Carlo Power Lounge on Avenue de Speluges, which boasts a private terrace that ensures a perfect blend of privacy and perfection amidst the electrifying energy of the GP.

Those that enjoy race viewing from the comfort of a yacht will be delighted to discover yacht hospitality TicketGrandPrix.com style, be it on ‘The Ultimate Yacht’ or the ‘Elite VIP Yacht’, where free-flowing champagne adds to the ambiance, and every moment aboard is a decadent celebration of both high-speed thrills and opulent comfort.

NEWS.MC thoroughly enjoyed the Historic Monaco GP weekend in the Velocity Lounge, where it was possible to see overtaking in extremely close proximity to the action.

Discover the full array of race viewing experiences for yourself and your whole group, and secure your place at the Monaco GP on the TicketGrandPrix.com website here.

Featured image courtesy of Haute Models, an official partner of TicketGrandPrix.com