Having been judged over three days in April, and deliberated on since then, the Monaco Criminal Court has now delivered its verdict on the prostitution case involving Sass’ Cafe on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 14.

The case, bringing together the criminal combination of drug trafficking and pimping between the Principality and the adjoined French commune of Beausoleil, has seen six individuals receive sentences of varying severity.

Beating the accusation of having put in place “an institutionalised policy” surrounding the presence of prostitutes in the popular nightlife establishment, manager Samuel T, also known as Samy was acquitted of the charges against him, alongside his former director Pascal C. The management of Sass’ therefore avoid the 12 month prison sentence requested by deputy attorney general, Valérie Sagné.

However, three former employees of the establishment have not been spared. For exceeding his duties by serving as an intermediary to find prostitutes for the benefit of ‘Barry’, a wealthy customer of the cafe who has since died, Konan Thierry D was handed an 18 month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 3,000 euros.

Former security agent Jérémy C was handed a 12 months suspended prison sentence, while former hostess Assia A received a four month suspended prison sentence and a 1,000 euro fine.

Those without a strictly professional connection with Sass’ Cafe seemed to face harsher sentences. Russian real estate company manager Véronika M was accused of having rented, without a lease and in cash, two of her apartments in Beausoleil to prostitutes, while also laundering the proceeds in a large luxury brand. For this, Madame M was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 15 of which were suspended, and a fine of 80,000 euros. However, having already served pre-trial detention during the investigation of the case, she will not return to prison.

Not present at the trial, a Bruno S had been identified as the main drug dealer in the Brazilian community engaged in prostitution in Monaco. For setting up a concierge” service for Prostitutes, Bruno S was sentenced to 24 months in prison, 16 of which were suspended, alongside receiving a fine of 20,000 euros.

Finally, an assistant of another wealthy client of the cafe, Alessio N was sentenced to six months of imprisonment, four of which were suspended, having found, transported and paid for prostitutes on behalf of his client.

Featured image: Sass Café