The German International Club of Monaco held a reception with its members to welcome the new German Ambassador to Monaco, HE Stephan Steinlein. It took place in the Salon “Le Foyer” of the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo. 

Mr Steinlein came to Monaco for his accreditation as new Ambassador, following Mr Hans-Dieter Lucas. He presented his credentials by Prince Albert II, on April 11 in a ceremony in the Prince’s Palace. 

Mr Steinlein has had a very interesting career. He was born in East Germany and studied at the Theological University in East Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he started working in the Department of Foreign Affairs of the new elected government and was nominated Ambassador to France of the still existing German Democratic Republic. He was not even thirty years old and he held office only for a short time. After German reunification, he continued working for the Foreign Service, where he took different positions. Since 2017, he has been head of the Federal President’s Administration, working closely with the  President of the Federal German Republic, Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, making him the highest-ranking state secretary in Germany.

Last August, we was nominated Ambassador to France and Monaco by the Federal German Government. He is the only German Ambassador that represented two Countries, the German Democratic Republic and the German Federal Republic, twice in the same country, France. 

In his speech at the reception he highlighted the environment and the preservation of the oceans as important topics of great interest to both Monaco and Germany. 

PHOTO: The German Ambassador His Excellency Stephan Steinlein, with Beatrix Baroness von Dellingshausen and Patrick Wetzel, Co-Presidents of the German Club (to the right), and Zahra und Gerd Ziegenfeuter, former German Honorary Consul  in Nice, and Yu-Ra Wetzel (to the left)