Fully-booked for 12 months ahead, Jubeen Ha Rouget built up My Beauty Dog in Monaco by word of mouth. Clients brought her new clients until there was no spot left and the waiting list got so ridiculously long that she had to simply abandon the idea.

“For customer service reasons we stopped the waiting list and customer satisfaction increased,”  says Jubeen. 

In fact, I was on that waiting list since 2021 – not with my dog – I wanted to interview her but there was never a good time. Until now. “I was trying to hide my face because people recognised me on the street and asked for an appointment. But now, I don’t take appointments, so it’s ok.” she says with a laugh. 

An appointment worth gold indeed, if you have it, you are in the system for re-booking on a regular basis for a year ahead. No one dares to cancel, everyone is on time and the clients confirm – Jubeen is the best dog groomer in Monaco. The vote was conducted by Monaco Hebdo on social media and Jubeen got her recognition only one year after she opened her salon in 2020. 

Jubeen is South Korean. Passionate about dogs, she started learning dog grooming when she was 16 years old. “I remember skipping school to go to the grooming school.”

Very quickly she became a dog grooming teacher and competed in dog shows where she achieved good results. She came to Monaco after living in Australia where she was also teaching dog grooming and worked as a dog groomer.

“I sensed that Monaco was a slightly different place than others and thought it would be a good place to showcase my  skills.”

Here Jubeen was working as a dog groomer for almost two years  at one of the salons and “suddenly, they changed the conditions of my work contract. It was unacceptable for me.”

She was fired. In December 2020 she opened the door of her small grooming boutique My Beauty Dog for the very first time – without any promotion or marketing, “I still remember the first client. I didn’t want to do grooming on the opening day but a man asked for an appointment because it was the first birthday of his puppy so I couldn’t say no.”  

The work on each of her clients is very individual. “I specialised in scissors work and art grooming. I identify the dog’s living environment and needs and recommend the style that best suits your dog and provides features that are not boring for having the same style all the time. You can capture the characteristics of each puppy well and emphasise their beauty.”

Her working style?  “I always meditate before starting work. Thinking that all the dogs coming today are my dogs. I treat them like my baby. I think my clients feel it so they trust me with their puppies.”

In addition to classic grooming services, shampoo, shaving, brushing and nail trimming, the store offers a whole assortment of accessories for canine well-being. Jubeen handpicks her supplies almost exclusively from Korean suppliers, with whom she maintains excellent relationships.

‘We provide the best dog grooming service and pet products and an excellent service by creating a family environment in a luxurious boutique where we offer a variety of unique items. Also, we have the most advanced water system. Therefore, just a simple shower can give a refreshing spa effect.”

There is no need to convince new clients to come by but Jubeen keeps her existing customers very happy. “Every day I strive to give the best to my clients by using my knowledge which I learned in Korea, the country where the best grooming techniques are coming from.”

I compete with myself In order to rise to greater heights and live up to the trust of these many customers.”