The imposing crane measuring 127.9 metres at the site of the Elsa and Reseda Towers in Saint Roman will be dismantled starting on Monday, March 11. Work will continue until March 22.

The crane, the tallest currently used in the Principality, is secured to the facade of the Réseda Tower at three different levels, with anchors positioned at levels R+14, R+24 and R+29.

A telescoping cage will allow the crane to “self-disassemble” with the aid of mobile cranes on Boulevard d’Italie. Work will be carried out at night in order to reduce the impact on traffic but also to maintain a security perimeter.

The operation is exceptional in nature, and may cause nuisance, particularly noise, with the dismantling of metal parts and their evacuation by semi-trailer trucks. Pedestrians are advised to avoid the area. Neighbouring occupants must imperatively keep their windows closed and not go onto their balconies on the crane side during its dismantling.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTOS: Monaco Government Press Service