The Monaco National Council passed a law in June, 2023 allowing for the introduction of a “tourist contribution” for adult guests of the Principality’s hotels. The Prince’s Government set the price points of this tourist tax last December, but has now dramatically reduced them following pressure from elected members of the council.

Instead of charging a lofty 14 euros per person per night at one of Monaco’s five star hotels, prospective guests can expect to pay seven euros for each night at the Hôtel de Paris, Hôtel Hermitage or Hôtel Métropole.

Meanwhile, the nightly contribution for a stay at a four star hotel such as the Monte-Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort or the Fairmont Hôtel has been slashed from 13 euros to five.

A stay at a three star hotel such as the Novotel will cost an additional three euros, much less than the originally planned 10 euro price point. Monaco’s only two star hotel, the Hôtel de France must charge two extra euros per night instead of five.

Journalists, influencers and other professionals “promoting Monaco” and staying overnight for free at one of the Principality’s hotels are expected to contribute one symbolic euro, a small price to pay after all.

Featured image courtesy of Monte-Carlo SBM, the lobby of the Hôtel de Paris