CMB Monaco and the Principality’s predominant events venue and exposition space have renewed their sponsorship arrangement for one more year.

Etienne Franzi, President of CMB Monaco, told journalists on Tuesday, January 9, that the Monet exhibition held this past summer had surpassed expectations.

The President of the Board of Administration of Grimaldi Forum, Henri Fissore, wished everyone present a joyful and peaceful 2024.

Francesco Grosoli, CMB Monaco’s CEO, remarked that the Grimaldi Forum and CMB Monaco share the same values of excellence and quality.

Francesco Grosoli of CMB Monaco

During the past year CMB Monaco has carried out a number of initiatives, including an internal carbon audit, while 100 percent of new investments are chosen with environmental, social and governance criteria in mind as well as purely financial considerations.

The Grimaldi Forum has also had a busy and successful year, beyond the Monet triumph, incorporating remote working and flexible hours. The Grimaldi Forum’s Director, Sylvie Biancheri, said that the renewed partnership with CMB Monaco was “very important and useful.”

Addressing a gathering of Government ministers and other prominent Monaco personalities at the annual Galette de Rois event that followed, Madame Biancheri said that the highlight of the coming year will be the summer exhibition of the work of English Impressionist painter JMW Turner, which will be held in cooperation with the Tate Gallery in London.

MAIN IMAGE: From left to right, Francesco Grosoli of CMB Monaco, Etienne Franzi, President of CMB Monaco, Henry Fissore and Sylvie Biancheri of Grimaldi Forum PHOTOS: Max Brodie