A new specialist care centre in the Principality, a centre of excellence for hearing and balance opens this Monday January 8, 2024 in Monaco.

Created by Dr Pierre Lavagna, former head of the ENT department at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, OTONEURO MONACO works in partnership with INSERM and the CNRS to offer patients the most advanced assessments and treatments for deafness, tinnitus, dizziness and balance disorders with a technical platform unique in Europe, the centre says.

Dr Lavagna has specialised for many years in these pathologies that are a major public health problem as they represent more than 10 percent of the reason for consultations with a general practitioner. They concern the elderly but also young adults and children.

These disorders are complex and often lead to significant healthcare costs. At OTONEURO MONACO, patients benefit from complete assessments and some of the most advanced treatments thanks to a unique technical platform including a MOTION VR diagnostic and rehabilitation platform with a virtual reality headset, a TRV seat for the rehabilitation of positional vertigo, two rooms for hearing explorations and one dedicated to electrophysiology, and a videonystagmography room.

The centre is backed by prestigious research institutes (INSERM, CNRS, Institute of Neurosciences of Montpellier) which are implementing innovative programs for the treatment of these pathologies.