Monaco’s Mayor, Georges Marsan, first arrested with four other people and placed in provisional detention, had his custody extended for a further 24 hours and, according to our information, he will be released pending further enquiries, on Saturday morning, December 16.

Mr Marsan was unable to preside over the last meeting of the year at the Community Council held at the Town Hall. However Georges Gambarini, one of his Deputies arrested alongside him on Thursday morning was freed on Thursday evening and attended the meeting.

Mr Gambarini is the Deputy responsible for outdoor advertising and digital transition. He was elected in March last year.

Mr Marsan was last seen in public on Wednesday evening when he took part in the bidding at the annual Christmas Tree Auction at the Hotel de Paris.

Mr Marsan was elected to his sixth consecutive four-year term in office last March. A significant figure in Monaco, his arrest has sent shockwaves through the community.

FILE PHOTO: Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan (left) at a recent opening of colourised photos of Monaco