Monaco took part in Rome in the work of the 51st session of the Committee on World Food Security (CSA), which this year brought together 126 UN Member States and nearly 1,500 participants.

Presented at the start of the session, the SOFI 2023 report estimates an average of 735 million (or 9.2 percent of the world population) the number of people who suffered from hunger in 2022, a figure well above pre-pandemic levels.

If moderate or severe food insecurity remains stable on a global scale, the ‘Zero Hunger’ objective of 2030 now appears out of reach, with projections estimating at 600 million the number of people who will still suffer chronic undernourishment at that time.

Despite the economic recovery post-pandemic, climate change, recurrent crises and the multiplication of conflicts in the world undermine the efforts made to eradicate hunger and fight against the worsening of inequalities that particularly affect women and people living in rural areas.

HE Mrs Anne Eastwood, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Monaco to the FAO, addressed the position of women and Monaco’s commitment to women’s rights at the national level and within the framework of its international cooperation policy.

For the record, the Principality devotes a third of its public aid to development each year to fight against malnutrition, through programs aimed in particular at strengthening family farming and sustainable sectors.

PHOTO: HE Anne Eastwood addresses delegates

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service