Storm Ciaran, which has started to batter the southern part of the UK and northern France, will also affect the south-east of France, forecasters said on Wednesday, November 1.

An Orange Alert is in place in the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes for heavy rain and flooding. Heavy swells and high waves may damage structures close to the sea, Meteo France warned.

Three Departements in the north-west of France are on Red Alert, with the authorities recommending that residents stay indoors, while 17 others were placed on Orange Alert on Wednesday.

Locally, the Orange Alert for high waves and flooding comes into effect at 14:00 until midnight on Thursday, November 2. A Yellow Alert for heavy rain comes into effect at the same time. The valleys of the Roya, la Tinée and la Vésubie are particularly at risk, having been heavily impacted just two weeks ago by Storm Aline.

FILE PHOTO: ‘Stormgazer’