Roca Team won a game in the EuroLeague for the third time in a row on Thursday as Monaco’s basketball team defeated Maccabi Tel Aviv by a wide margin in a fascinating game: 107-79.

Never had coach Sasa Obradovic’s team won a match on this stage with such a difference. The performance took on a celebratory touch as star player Mike James broke the magical 4,000-point barrier in this game. The American is the fourth player in the history of the EuroLeague to pass this milestone. He can even become the all-time top scorer this season. He scored 24 points in this game. 

James added to the goal by playing a particularly strong game and helping his team to a spectacular lead with a few three-pointers, especially in the second and third quarters. Maccabi, Roca team’s opponent last season in a blistering quarterfinal over five matches, was completely outplayed at that stage of the match. After the first quarter, the difference was only four points (27-23), but in the next two periods Roca Team ran out a total of 24 points: 85-57. After that, the home team played the game quietly and eventually the margin did not change: 107-79. 

Monaco have won three of their first five games in the EuroLeague and have made it clear in this game with Maccabi that they are certainly a candidate to play in the play-offs as they have in the past two seasons. In the past season, the team, which also became French champions, finished third in the EuroLeague. It was special that Maccabi Tel Aviv, encouraged by dozens of fans, played this match during the war crisis in their own country. The Monegasque police had provided extra security measures.

FILE PHOTO: Mike James