Monaco’s elected body responded to the Prince’s statement that he alone is responsible for the running of the Principality, issuing a reply on Friday afternoon saying it “takes note” of the declaration of HSH Prince Albert II following the positive vote on the amended budget law for 2023.

“During these debates, which took place in the fullness of its constitutional prerogatives, the Assembly acted as a relay of expectations and legitimate needs of Monegasques as well as residents and employees of the Principality,” the response noted, adding, rather pointedly. that the debates took place in a context of “degraded relations with its institutional partner, the Government.”

The National Councillors vowed their unwavering attachment to HSH the Sovereign Prince and His Family.

The National Council continued: “They respect the Constitution, both in letter and in spirit. The elected officials have always demonstrated, in national unity since the Covid-19 crisis, and in the unity of the Institutions that they have always advocated, their sense of responsibility and pragmatism. If the Government alone is responsible for the administration of our country, the Council National votes on the Budget and calls on the Government to demonstrate respect the democratically elected national representation.” This not the case currently, the Council added.

By passing the amended 2023 Budget with just one vote and 22 abstentions, the elected officials sent a clear message to the Government, the statement said.

“They therefore call on the Government, which bears responsibility for this situation, to (show) greater respect, in particular by taking concrete account, in the next initial budget bill, (of the) reasonable requests and pragmatic measures which were clearly formulated at the end of the debates, (by) the unanimity of the national representation.

“Our Assembly is the guarantor, in its place, of the institutional balance in the framework of its reporting to the Government… The National Council assures Monegasques that it will continue to work for the general interest, to continue to find, a positive, harmonious and finally constructive way, with the Government, the best solutions for policies (of the) public authorities of our country, under the High Authority of the Sovereign Prince,” the statement concluded.