The bank of six elevators at Monaco station can just about cope with the morning and evening rush hours, but since they were taken out of service on October 12 commuters are having to use three much smaller lifts that usually serve the car park.

Some regular travellers are using a different station exit and then hopping on buses, while others are taking a narrow staircase with more than 250 steps to get from the train station up to the exit at the bridge at Sainte Dévote.

The reason for the lifts being out of action is building work close to the station at 35 Pont Sainte Dévote. As a precautionary measure, the Department of Urban Planning installed sensors in the lift shafts and as a result decided that there was a potential risk to users.

The delays caused by the lift closures have added to the clamour from National Council members to urgently address the problem of congestion in the Principality.