In a statement issued late on Friday morning, HSH Prince Albert said that the Government, under his authority, has sole responsibility for the administration of Monaco.

“I would like to solemnly recall that the Government, under my authority, and on the basis of the guidelines that I define, has sole responsibility for the administration of our Country,” he said.

The Prince’s intervention comes in the context of very strained relations between Monaco’s elected body, the National Council, and the Government, as previously reported in the local French-language press and by NEWS.MC.

“I invite national advisors to be responsible and realistic… While the economic situation of the Principality remains solid, it is nevertheless confronted, like other countries, with the consequences of multiple crises and geopolitical events which impact our economies, our societies and our ambitions,” the Sovereign said, adding: “In this new environment, it is my responsibility to ensure that the management of our budgets is in line with the realities of the world around us. My desire is to guarantee future generations the same opportunities as those from which we have been able to benefit so far. This is why it is up to me, following numerous consultations with the Government and in my capacity as Sovereign Prince, to make decisions that meet both the needs of the present and the requirements of the future. I invite the national advisors to be responsible and realistic, to collaborate harmoniously with my Government, being aware of the challenges ahead in a world that has become uncertain.”

The Sovereign cites the long history of what he terms the Constitutional Monarchy as the guarantee of Monaco’s sustainability and development.