During a press conference held by the National Council on Tuesday, October 17, President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès presented the impact study commissioned by the National Council relating to the consequences of a possible Association Agreement with the European Union.

The President said that “although the negotiations (with the EU) were suspended by the Principality on September 15, it was no less important for the Assembly to complete this study, which is very instructive on everything that could be induced by a hypothetical agreement with the European Union.”

On the socio-economic aspect Ms Vladislava Iovkova, from Cabinet Strategy&, said that the fundamental economy of the Principality is solid and that an Association Agreement with the European Union would generate strong uncertainties for the economy, employment, in particular that of Monegasques, and for the State.

On the legal aspect Mr Benoît Le Bret, from Cabinet Gide, said that the challenge the Agreement would pose is that of calling into question the current hierarchy of norms, at least a partial loss of legal sovereignty, and above all the abandonment of most of the Monegasque social pact, the so-called National Priority for Monegasques.

To conclude, President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès thanked the authors of the study for the quality of their observations and added: “This impact study, expected by all (to be published) while negotiations were in progress, will now serve as a basis for any reflection concerning possible future sectoral agreements with our European partner.”

PHOTO: President Brigitte Boccone-Pagè listens to comments from Thomas Brezzo, President of the Legislation Commission Ian Brodie