Two new phases of a rolling project to replace lighting in Monaco’s road tunnels will resume in September for a duration of several weeks.

Two locations are concerned, the tunnels under the Rock and the tunnel which runs from the Saint Roman interchange at Boulevard du Ténao.

Under the Rock, the first phase of the campaign is coming to an end and the next one will be launched as planned on September 4, exclusively at night, Monday to Saturday, leaving the following route available to users: – To get to Fontvieille: access via the Liaison Marquet – To leave Fontvieille: via the Liaison Marquet as well as the tunnel under the Rock providing access to Boulevard Albert 1er. All access is open to traffic during the day.

The campaign launched by the Government will allow the replacement by LEDs of the 1,340 fluorescent tubes and High Pressure Sodium lamps installed in the seven tunnels that make up the Under the Rock group of tunnels.

In the Saint Roman tunnel, on boulevard du Ténao, the replacement of 234 lamps of the fluorescent tubes and High Pressure Sodium lamps will be carried out from September 8 to October 20, Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00. In order to limit nuisance, the work will be carried out during the day with alternating traffic, with restitution of the two-way traffic outside the working hours.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

FILE PHOTO: Tunnel du Rocher