The 50-something lady of Russian origin who ordered an expensive meal and Dom Perigon Champagne at Nikki Beach on top of the Fairmont and then didn’t pay her bill walked free from Monaco Criminal Court this week.

Sentencing had been delayed for psychiatric reports, but despite the expert deciding that there was no mental impairment, the court took a lenient view, local French daily Monaco Matin reported.

The woman in question had previously appeared in court for stealing items from the Carrefour Commercial Centre, and had been given a suspended sentence. She had reimbursed the merchants after that earlier appearance.

Giving evidence, her daughter said her mother had a problem with alcohol. The court also heard that despite giving the appearance of being poor and living in Beausoleil, the culprit in question had few money problems and had recently received a sizeable sum of money that would have covered the unpaid bill of 1,030 euros at Monaco’s Nikki beach many times over. Her lawyer said she had ‘mental baggage.’

The defendant was fined 2,000 euros.