Eric Blair Insurance in Monaco is now offering an exclusive Critical Care Plan designed to cover all health emergencies, and at a surprisingly low cost.

What’s more, the services included in the plan are tailor-made to the patient’s needs and those of his or her family and can be applied for as a stand-alone or on top of an existing plan, with the premium adjusted accordingly.

At the core of the plan is that in the event of a critical illness (cancer, neurological disease, heart or blood-vessel disease, bowel disease or several diseases at once), a personal service is provided adapted to the person’s needs.

The Critical Care Plan is the guarantee of personal health care in state of the art medical centres, and can be used as a medical “conciergerie.”

The Plan promises fast approval of a claim, for added peace of mind at a difficult time for patient and family.

More than 3,000 medical facilities worldwide are approved by the Plan with over 15,000 medical practitioners.

To date, more than 200,000 people are covered by the scheme and more than 200 claims are managed each month.

The Plan is perfectly suited to individuals who are frequently on the move and demanding in their requirements, as the Critical Care Plan uses the services only of top professionals.

Entrust your health to a state of the art medical network. Contact Blair and Co. for a personal quote. +377 93509966,,