Since the publication of the Ministerial Decree relating to a drought situation and the implementation of the Alert scheme on May 12, the Government notes the effectiveness of the measures taken and welcomes the commitment of users, which has been clearly perceptible in the first comparative measurements of the use of water.

The average drop in consumption is six percent since May compared to the same period of 2022. More than 60,000 cubic metres have been saved since the publication of the Ministerial Order.

This drop is all the more notable since weekly water usage in most of the first half of 2023 was, on average, two percent higher than in 2022.

“There is therefore a real effect from these new measures, even more marked compared to the year before Covid 19 with a 13 percent drop observed over the period between May 12 and July 9.

“Sporadic rains having not allowed the reconstitution of the water tables; the level of water resources remains tense and makes it essential to continue the collective effort in water conservation. The Prince’s Government invites businesses and the population to remain vigilant about their consumption in the context of the Alert situation and to apply the right gestures,” the Government said on Monday, July 24.

The chart compares water usage in 2022 and 2023. The orange line represents the relevant period of 2023 following the announcement of the drought alert in May.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & ILLUSTRATION: Monaco Government Press Service