The Government has issued a reminder to civil companies of the need to declare beneficial owners.

In its evaluation report published on January 23, Moneyval, the Council of Europe body for the fight against money laundering, in a critical evaluation report invited the Principality to complete its register of beneficial owners.

The Prince’s Government has undertaken a national action plan including a general information campaign which will be followed by targeted reminders to companies concerned.

At the end of these reminders, the Court of First Instance will be seized with a view to making an injunction against legal persons in a situation of irregularity, the Government said on Wednesday, July 19: “Also, if your civil company registered in the special register of civil companies is still not up-to-date in its declarations of beneficial owners, you are invited to contact as soon as possible the Department of Economic Development. The procedures for the purposes of registration, modification or deletion from the register of beneficial owners are completely free.”