In Nice, where the evening started calmly, several arrests took place in the Jean-Médecin district after an attempt to loot a business. Three hooded individuals managed to escape the police and there were several other arrests during the night.

In total, 50 people were arrested in Nice, Cannes and Grasse. A number of cars were set on fire in Cannes.

In Grasse a mob of 30 youngsters tried to force the driver out of the cab of his truck so that they could set it ablaze. He was kicked in the head and scratched by broken glass from his shattered windshield but the rioters were unsuccessful. He was described as being very shocked by the incident.

Nationally, the overnight violence was reported to have increased in Lyon and Marseille, but lessened in Paris where the police presence was massive. A total of 1,000 arrests were reported across France. Meanwhile, a 19 year-old man has died from head injuries after falling off the roof of a looted Lidl store in Normandy.

PHOTO: Screengrab from BFMTV, the local TV station, showing the smashed windshield of a truck in Grasse