Wojciech Janowski’s appeal against his life sentence for being the instigator of the killing of Monaco billionaire Hélène Pastor and her driver, Mohamed Darwich, almost nine years ago has been dismissed by the Court of Cassation in Paris.

The latest, and likely the last judicial hearing in the case, confirms the ruling of the Assize Court of Appeal of Bouches-du-Rhône in November, 2021.

Janowski was the honorary consul of Poland in Monaco at the time of the hearing, and the partner of Hélène Pastor’s daughter, Sylvia. It was revealed at the time of the first court hearings in Nice that the couple had been receiving a monthly amount of 500,000 euros from Mrs Pastor.

At the same Paris hearing this week, the shooter, Samine Saïd Ahmed, and lookout Al-Haïr Hamadi, also had their life sentences confirmed.

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FILE PHOTO: Wojciech Janowski