Wojciech Janowski has failed in his appeal against conviction for the murder of his mother-in-law, Monaco billionaire Hélène Pastor. The appeal court in Aix-en-Provence announced the decision on Friday, November 12, after the jury deliberated for seven hours, four hours longer than in the first trial.

However, Pascal Dauriac, Janowski’s fitness coach, who has consistently admitted his part in the killing of Ms Pastor and her chauffeur, Mohamed Darwich, in an ambush on May 6, 2014, saw his sentence reduced from 30 to 22 years.

Maitre Gerard Baudoux, the lawyer for Gildo Pastor, Ms Pastor’s son, said that the appeal hearing was the end of the legal process. He said that the life sentences confirmed for Janowski, the gunman and his accomplice were justifiable. He attacked the cynicism of Janowski that he demonstrated throughout the process.

During the initial hearing the court heard that Ms Pastor, whose fortune was based on income from hundreds of rental properties in Monaco, paid her two children, Gildo and Sylvia, an allowance of 500,000 euros per month.

FILE PHOTO: Hélène Pastor with her son, Gildo Claudia Albuquerque