An engineering student at the University of Warwick has secured a prestigious summer internship with Maserati, which will be based in Monaco.

Marieta Kyselá is currently in the second year of her engineering degree.

Marieta recently travelled to South Africa with Warwick’s racing Formula Student team to discuss electrification of vehicles in Africa, where she met staff from Maserati.

Upon returning to the UK Marieta made contact with the team at Maserati UK and has since been offered an internship with them this summer at their Monaco HQ.

Marieta commented: “My time at Warwick has given me so many amazing opportunities, including the chance to travel to Africa and meet so many people. This chance to intern with Maserati and travel to Monaco is a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to getting started”.

Engineering Technician David Cooper commented on Marieta and the importance of inclusion in engineering, saying: “Marieta, is still only in her second year with Warwick racing, super focused, very meticulous with her work, academic and hands on. I don’t think there is enough amazing words in the dictionary to explain the quality of this young engineer.

“She has found herself an internship with Maserati racing formula E team over the summer, which is incredible. Maserati will be blown away by her,as the quality of her work is second to none”.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Warwick University