NEWS.MC and the Chances for Children charity are delighted to announce that Noah has undergone his operation and is currently recovering in an ICU unit in Kampala.

The Monaco-registered charity issued an urgent appeal to raise funds for an operation that was essential to save the life of Noah, an orphan in their care in Uganda with a terrible heart condition called Grade 2 Mitral Valve Regurgitation. This is the most common type of heart valve disease, and, in Noah’s case, the leakage in his heart was so severe that not enough blood was being pumped through his heart and to the rest of his body.

The only solution was to replace the valve entirely via a surgery called mitral valve replacement, without which Noah would not have survived. Heartwarmingly, our readers helped fund the costly operation through donating to the official gofundme page after the original appeal was published.

In a letter to the publishers and our readers, the Vice President of Chances for Children, Monaco resident Russel Crump, wrote: “Noah’s critical heart operation was one of the most challenging times we had to face as a charity. But, thanks to your news channel, your support and compassion, we were able to raise significant funds to make this operation a reality.

“Your kind readers’ contributions have helped turn our despair into hope. NEWS.MC’s unwavering support has helped us see that even amidst the darkest of circumstances, there are still people who are willing to lend a helping hand.”

While Noah has crucially survived the surgery, the charity could not raise all the sum required. Thanks to 3,500 euros from NEWS.MC readers, contributions from St Paul’s Anglican Church, customers at Slammers and existing sponsors, together with the valiant fundraising efforts of the other children of the charity in Uganda, the operation was able to proceed, but only half of the 20,000 euro sum has been raised so far.

Chances for Children needs to raise the balance of the medical costs. Once again, we appeal to our readers for help:

follow this link to the gofundme page.

Chances for Children is run by Russell and Gabrielle Crump, and has been registered in Monaco since 2015. The organisation was started on the ground by Martin Male, originally an AIDS orphan, to support orphaned children in the streets of Kampala, Uganda. You can learn more about the charity on the official website here.

Russell Crump, Vice-President of Chances for Children and his wife Gabrielle brought the founder and one of their youngsters to the Principality to talk about the life-changing charity in November, 2022. Read about the visit here on NEWS.MC.