Monaco-based painter Toby Wright and his local production team have embarked on a journey of discovery in the documentary film project, Ephemeral Muse. Through their journey, Wright and co. aim to raise awareness about nature and the rate at which it has changed through art, travelling the paths of the great master painters of the past such as Turner, Sargent, Compton, and many more.

By following in the footsteps of these painters and painting exactly where they once did, Wright is able to compare the state of nature over a time span of more than 400 years, looking much further back in time than film or photography allow us.

The team, led by Bogdan Anghel, encountered some of the largest glaciers that still exist on this planet, and shone a light on their drastic retreat. From climbing down glacial valley cliffs to traversing snow-covered ridges at 3,800 metres, no corners were cut in locating the extreme locations that some of the most courageous painters of the past sought out.

Through this physical journey to find these unique vantage points, Wright is a time traveller equipped with painting gear and an easel, recounting how those artists experienced such inspiring and intimidating places, while taking in the sheer change that has occurred over the last few centuries.

Ephemeral Muse has received approval from the Explorer’s Club, the Royal Geographic Society of London, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and Monaco’s Science Centre (CSM) to name just a few, and after completing a two-year pre-production and preparation phase, the team behind the project is looking to partner and connect with brands and organisations who share the same vision about nature conservation. See the Ephemeral Muse press conference below:

To discover more, head over to the Ephemeral Muse website.