The annual and global Anti-Ageing Convention has taken place in Monaco this week, and indeed continues on Saturday, so if you’ve missed this must-go-to event during the week, there’s one more opportunity to see what’s happening at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery, excuse the pun.

Each year the coming together of aesthetic surgeons and others gets larger and larger. I am reminded of a woman who first has a bit of a breast ‘lift’ and then, not satisfied, returns to the same or another surgeon for more and more radical intervention. Eventually, her 36 GG profile tests the limits of what is attractive, likely, or humanly possible and at the same time fails to produce the happiness she so fervently desires.

Tragically, I see the same syndrome of Russian Lips – yes, that is the official medical term – becoming more and more pronounced to the point at which the wearer looks more like a clown fish than a real woman. Why?

I have no answer.

In an era of almost limitless fake news, Instagram and Tik Tok, face-fished females have become the norm in Monte-Carlo hotspots like the Metropole centre. It has become an everyday challenge to make out which people are real and which are 20 percent silicone.

By the way, I hope I am causing no offence. Forgive me for speaking my mind.

One of the great ironies of what we like to call the modern age is that we are expected not to speak out loud about such matters. In the wokest of times we are expected not to notice fake breasts and impossibly protruding pouts. It is certainly regarded as impolite to talk about it.

This past week I went to the funeral of a real woman, my mother-in-law. She was 100-percent herself, and although at times she could be demanding and difficult, and sometimes, let’s face it, almost unbearable, she is already sorely missed by her family, her friends, and everyone who knew her. There was nothing at all fake about her, which is why her early death has had the impact it has. We loved her dearly.

So, dear readers, do consider popping along to the Grimaldi Forum this morning, bearing in mind that today is April Fools’ Day. In French, most aptly, Le Jour du Poisson.

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FILE PHOTO: A Napoleon fish following cosmetic intervention