“Considering the favourable evolution of the covid-19 epidemic recorded for several months, The Prince’s Government has decided to lighten the health measures in force,” the Government said on Thursday, March 9.

As of Saturday March 11, the systematic isolation of people testing positive will come to an end, while contacts of a positive case will no longer be monitored by the epidemiological investigation unit and will no longer have to carry out a PCR or antigenic test.

In addition, from March 23 medical staff who refused to be vaccinated* will be able to return to work.

“The Prince’s Government encourages people who show signs of respiratory infection, whether due to coronavirus, flu or any other other virus likely to be transmitted by air, to wear a mask, to respect the barrier gestures and to get contact their attending physician,” the Government said.

Wearing a mask remains compulsory in health care establishments.

*Law n° 1.509 of September 20 2021

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service