A sit-in on Place d’Armes has been called on International Women’s Rights Day, Wednesday March 8.

According to the organisers, a group of Monegasques have decided to hold a feminist demonstration on Place d’Armes, from 16:00 to 18:00.

“While the right to vote for women was voted (for) in Monaco in 1962, wage differences persist and the use of a practitioner for a voluntary termination of pregnancy is still prohibited. Not to mention that violence against women is still committed and is only increasing from year to year (33 in 2022 against 23 in 2021),” they say.

“This action will show that in Monaco, too, women and men come together to promote equality between the sexes…”

The press release complains about the “appropriation of women’s bodies, throughout the world,” in apparent reference to the practise of abortion.

The organisers claim that this sit-down by 15 people “will be the first feminist, non-associative and non-governmental citizen event to take place in the Principality.”

They hope that the rally to fight for the rights of women and against the violence against them will change mentalities.